Top 10 albums of July

The time is now! A wonderful return from a certain band storms the number 1 this month. The most clear winner we’ve had this year. If you listen to nothing else listen to:-

  1. Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try – Post hardcore genius! I defy you not to jump around for the whole 35 minute frantic explosion of sound!
  2. HebronixUnreal – Former Yuck frontman goes solo wonderfully with this pastoral, countrified lush indie rock. The laid back jangly guitars & effortlessly simple melodies make this record.
  3. Jay-Z Magna Carta…Holy Grail More creative and diverse than ever, pulling influences from everywhere. What else can you say? Hip-hop master has landed with his best since Black Album.
  4. Fight or Flight – A Life by Design? – Two of ‘Disturbed’ release an album of hard rock with nods to their previous band’s sound. Classic song writing, big chorus, ‘Slash’ solos, passionate clean rock vocals complete this excellent record.
  5. Baroness – Live at Maida Vale – Technically an EP, but who cares when it’s this good. 4 tracks from masterpiece Yellow & Gold with extra gusto when performed in this live setting.
  6. Mona – Torches & Pitchforks –Get your lighters out for these gritty ‘Kings of Leon’ anthems. Throw in a good dollop of ‘Stereophonics’ and you’ll soon realise this is a big rock record.
  7. Editors – The Weight of your Love – These boys get some clout and energy behind their sparse ‘Joy Division’ sound. They ramp up the guitars, the synths, the everything. This has a U2 grandeur about itself.
  8. Deap Vally – Sistrionix – Dirty riot girl garage rock. Black Keys meets White Stripes fronted by a ‘Lita Ford’ of the ‘Runaways’ sound-alike. Seriously rocking stuff!
  9. Middle Class Rut – Pick up your Head – Fiery post punk explosion of angular guitars and powerful vocals that just keeps hammering it’s head against the wall.
  10. AlunaGeorge – Body Music- Electro-pop duo release pop album of the year. Positively drenched in chart friendly cool! A different kind of easy listening

imagesEnjoy my musical teapots

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