Top 10 Albums of 2016

It’s time – wrap your ears around this! Enjoy our Top Albums of 2016 – hope you loved yours as much as we loved ours.

10. Lumineers – Cleopatra – Simple but beautifully gentle folk ballads from a Dylan-esk storyteller!

9. Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues – This is meant to be played on the top of mountains with the wind blowing in your hair! Stirring stuff!

8. Metallica – Hardwired…to Self Destruct – The riff is king and the riff is goooooood! This record has a Black Album in 21st Century vibe!

7. Kvelertak – Nattesferd – Sounding like Cheap Trick reimagined as a death ‘n’ roll band with a healthy slab of Thin Lizzy guitar play thrown in!

6. Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression – Exactly what you would expect QOTSA meets Iggy to sound like – Effortlessly cool desert art post-punk!!

5. Asylums – Killer Brain Waves – The most exciting, pogo energy, punk album in ages! Try not to tear down the walls and break stuff when you put this on!

4. Weezer – White Album – This record bounces along with their usual energy and love of chunky but somehow uplifting guitars! Sounding like there younger selfs again.

3. Hey! Hello! – Hey! Hello! Too – Refreshing wall of sound punk power chords & riffs that will never leave your head beg you to play it LOUD!

2. Obake – Draugr – Yeti like fuzzy sludge riffs married with Faith No More choruses to make one hell of a beast of a record! You better check you’ve still got your feet on the ground!

1 . Foy Vance – The Wild Swan – A beautiful & delicate record from Northern Ireland’s very own Springsteen. This album will bring you to tears (true story) and make you celebrate being alive. Common musical themes are cleverly threaded through the record which means you are taken on a transcending folk journey. Best enjoyed with the lights turned down low, headphones on and just get lost in that voice!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

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Top Albums of 2016 (24-11)

The penultimate list is here – we are getting to the really good stuff now!

24. White Denim – Stiff – A huge slice of furiously funky blue eyed soul with it’s foot firmly stomping on the dance floor! Swinging!

23. Anciients – Voice of the Void – The birth of a three headed dragon parented by Neurosis, Iron Maiden & Ghost B.C! In a word – Epic!

22. Nothing – Tired of Tomorrow – Hazy My Bloody Valentine riffs that have a spiritual feel to them with moments of debut Foo Fighters grunge & pure beauty.

21. Band of Skulls – By Default – Borrows from Royal Blood & Primal Scream rock n roll to create the biggest riff fest they’ve ever committed to record!

20. Kings of Leon – Walls – They’ve truly mastered their craft with these no nonsense  atmospheric driving rock n roll tunes!

19. Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost – The jubilant, energetic sound of youth with beautifully simple melodies played out on guitar, drums and bass!

18. Jeff Beck – Loud Hailer – Throws every genre on the planet at his guitar- from blues, to soul, to hard hitting dance & grimy hip hop!

17. Public Access TV – Never Enough – The sound of Indie Rock spilling out on to the vibrant back streets of New York!

16. Frank Ocean – Blond – Is there anyone smoother than Frank Ocean? This record proves their isn’t! Get down & sloooooow with this killer record!

15. The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation – Like Faith No More have been dipped in acid, then spun in a washing machine that’s floating around in space!

14. Red Fang – Only Ghosts – If the Foo Fighters wrote a hard punk album all in the style of their song Low, but with the catchiness of the Knack!

13. We Are Scientists – Helter Skelter – Like dream pop appearing through a glossy haze in a cavern of romantic, ethereal reverb!

12. Jeff Rosenstock – Worry – Celebratory punk noise for misfits & crashing drums that don’t pause for breath once. It like rushing towards the sun!

11. White Lies – Friends – Like a greatest hits of 80’s indie bands lost tracks! Beautifully simple hooks creating massive anthems!

Enjoy my Musical Teapots!

Best Songs of 2016

So to get you excited for the build up of the top 10 albums of 2016 we have got our favourite songs of 2016 for you as well as the penultimate top albums of 2016 list coming up after this.

In not particular order here

  • Foy Vance – Ziggy Looked Me In The Eye
  • Jimmy Eat World – Sure & Certain
  • Band of Skulls – Back of Beyond
  • White Denim – Had 2 Know
  • Weezer – Wind in our Sails
  • Asylums – I Saw Your Face In A Music Magazine
  • Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling
  • Green Day – Still Breathing
  • Ginger Wildheart – The Pendine Incident
  • Craig David & Sigala – Ain’t Giving Up On You
  • Motorpsycho – Big Black Dog
  • Anthrax – Breathing Lighting
  • One Republic – Kids
  • Black Stone Cherry – Soul Machine
  • King Charles – Gamble for a Rose
  • Wolfmother – City Lights
  • Iggy Pop – Paraguay
  • We Are Scientists – Too Late
  • Lumineers – Ophelia
  • Kvelertak – Svartmesse
  • Public Access TV – End of an Era
  • Jeff Beck – Live in the Dark
  • Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Enjoy my Musical Teapots!

Top Albums of 2016 (39-25)

We are getting to the exciting end of the scale now – the list continues and takes us down to number 25 – two more lists to go!

39. Grouplove – Big Mess – A big ball of bouncy energy & fun wrapped in an electronic flavoured indie rock package. Hugely catchy stuff!

38. Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis – Unmistakably Biffy but this has a cheeky disco flavour making it there funkiest effort to date!

37. Future of the Left – The Peace & Truce of – A British version of Jello Biafra & a modern reimagining of Big Black – Perfect together!

36. Ginger Wildheart – The Year of the Fanclub – A glitter bomb explosion of noise, huge riffs, stadium choruses & sing a long anthems!

35. Black Mountain– IV – The sound of the inner workings of an intergalactic warship preparing for battle or Led Zeppelin’s moon landing!

34. Teenage Fanclub – Here – Uplifting melodies & perfect jangly guitars make this their easiest listen ever!

33. Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky – Like a cross between Soundgarden & Black Label Society with a whole lot of southern swing!

32. Swans – The Glowing Man – Like being led on a hypnotic wade through the bogs of the deepest, darkest forest – swirling colours of noise!

31. The Low Anthem – eyeland – Beautiful battered & fractured folk backed by some experimental factory soundscapes – In a word breathtaking

30. Explosions in the Sky – The Wilderness – Slow burning & beautifully understated with their notes & sounds flittering underneath the radar!!

29. Aeges – Weightless – Touch the sky anthemic post pop sludge with flecks of nu metal and hardcore cuts! One hell of a journey!

28. Helms Alee – Stillicide – They are ripping apart the sky, then sowing it back together, only to rip it apart again!!

27. Pixies – Head Carrier – Perfect pop sized cuts of grungy, chiming & wonky alt rock that helps us turn back the clock to the golden era!

26. Melvins – Basses Loaded – Part slow grooving blues, part chugging dropped riffs, part sense of playfulness – all Melvins!

25. Green Day – Revolution Radio – The power chords literally explode from the speakers like the biggest call to arms imaginable!!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

Top Albums of 2016 (59-40)

And so the list continues

59. Lesbian – Hallucinogenesis – This is what it would sound like if all the world’s nuclear weapons went off at the same time!

58. Kyng – Breathe in the Water – Mix one part Soundgarden, one part QOTSA’s Songs for the Deaf with a hint of NWOBHM then serve as hard rock!

57. Martyrdod – List – Crust punk with melodic death metal lead guitar lines! Makes quite the powerful partnership!!

56. The Weeknd – Starboy – This is the record an 80’s Michael Jackson would produce today! Bass lines to die for & grooves to slow dance to.

55. Whores – Gold – The metallic bite of Big Black & the groove of Orange Goblin produce a hard hitting heavy record!

54. Blood Orange – Freetown Sound – The perfect mix of later years Michael Jackson, 90’s R&B & noughties sunshine electro pop!

53. Conny Ochs – Future Fables – A dark gunslinger wandering into a desert town, singing his troubles away then disappearing into the night.

52. The Rifles – Big Life – Sounds like it was released at the birth of indie! Effortless melodies, jangling guitars & great harmonies!

51. Devendra Banhart – Ape in Pink Marble – Droplets of sound being scattered across the Japanese rainforest from a soaring rainbow!

50. Russian Circles – Guidance – Slabs of sound post rock with metallic flavours! This hits hard, lets you catch breath then hits you harder!

49. Arabrot – The Gospel – A call to arms/army march in a post apocalyptic world! Like Killing Joke vs Public Image Ltd!

48. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree – Broken fragments of sound pierce the moody atmosphere whilst Nick weaves his story webs!

47. Bon Iver – 22, A Million – Fractured sounds broken down and pieced back together again by a machine with a heart!

46. Opeth – Sorceress – Its like Pink Floyd & Zombi mated on flight 666 and landed in the baroque era!

45. Childish Gambino – Awaken My Love – Sounds like Funkadelic reborn as the reincarnated spirit of Prince!

44. Anthrax – For All Kings – Classic thrash sound blended perfectly with Power Metal flashes and Maiden-esk riffage!

43. King Charles – Gamble for a Rose – The album Mumford & Sons should have made last year! Great British folk that makes your heart burst!

42. Brian Fallon – Painkillers – Whisky soaked, bar room acoustic stories played out by a heartbroken Springsteen!

41. Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters – Like dropping acid in the desert with Led Zeppelin & The Eagles then forgetting the world!!

40. Dinosaur Jr – Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not – An explosion of sound that could only be Dinosaur Jr! Classic hard grunging stuff!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

Best EP’s of 2016 & Top Albums (65-60)

Yes it’s here, the most wonderful time of the year – it’s best albums of the year time where we all get to discuss what we have loved this year and disagree loudly or agree with passion other lists that are published.

After our biggest year for growth of readers, subscribers and retweets from the artists themselves, we’ve gone even bigger and are going for a top 65 albums of 2016.

So to start you off we have our best EP’s of 2016 and the first 6 albums of our countdown!

Top Albums of 2016 (65-60):-

65. Dalek – Asphalt for Eden – Post Rock Hip Hop belched up from the sewer with the odd gust of fresh air!

64. Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us – How can something so crusty and brutal have so much rhythm – this is how! Epic Noise-smithery!

63. Milk Teeth – Vile Child – Old school Grunge with some serious pop ears attached! Chunky & melodious Girlvana!

62. Unlocking the Truth – Chaos – Face plant into riff after killer riff on this metal album that sounds like it’s been born in the skate park!

61. Beehoover – Primitive Powers – Razor sharp bass & thunderous grooves infused with soaring prog undertones!!

60. Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Getaway – Take Californication add some thump and funk and you get their best album in 14 years!!

Best EP’s:-

Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit – Warped & wonky electro glitch noises that sound like they are left to bake in the African desert

Davie Allen/Joel Grind – Split EP – Trashy fuzzed up surf rock in a Cramps vibe! Fast paced, hits hard and over all to quickly!

Toska – Ode to The Author – Like punching a bear in the face & winning with And So I Watch You For Afar & Mushuggah as your cheerleaders!

Karma to Burn – Mountain Czar – A little hard rock gem of an record – Comes fast, hits you hard and leaves you breathless!

Yuksek – Sweet Addiction – This EP is the sexiest slice of electro pop you’ll hear this year – get down & funky!

Taylor Hawkins – Kota – A little slice of Classic rock worship mixing up a bit of Queen, Kiss & Pink Floyd!

Scissorfight – Chaos County – Stoner riffs with the slowed down intensity of hardcore punk

Enjoy my musical teapots!

Top 10 Albums of 2015

So here we are the end of 2015 and we’ve had some wonderful records this year – we’ve been at bit cheeky as well as we actually have 11 records in our 10 top as we just couldn’t have one record miss out on the top 10.

Check it out, hope you enjoy – let’s start with our joint 10th place record

10= Wombats – Glitterbug – A huge slice of 80’s synth happy indie pop! These hits will bounce around your disco ball head all summer long!

10= ASIWYFA – Heirs – It’s like surfing a rainbow on LSD on the best power pop post rock surf board ever carved into existence!

9. Envy – Atheist’s Cornea – The only band that you can describe as beautiful and brutally damaged in the same breath are at it again!

8. Gaz Coombes – Matador – If Supergrass gorged themselves on Radiohead then time travelled back to the 16th Century!

7. Refused – Freedom – Makes me wanna dance, rebel & smash things! It’s full of energy, fun & powerful as lightning! 

6. Bop English – Constant Bop – Buckets of soul with an old school rhythm and blues feel to it played in a New Orleans speak-easy!

5. Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear – Skeleton Crew – A front porch, deep soul food of a record. Get lost in it’s strummed & finger-picked beauty. And that voice!

4. Baroness – Purple – Thin Lizzy on a mixed up diet of Rush, Pink Floyd & southern infused sludge. Both beautiful and devastating!

3. Best Coast – California Nights – If the Pixies only played loud on the beach in LA fronted by Jenny Lewis it would sound as awesome as this!

2. Kylesa – Exhausted Fire – Woozy, hazy sludge rock masterpieces that truly bring the fire! Hands down their best album yet!

1 . Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People – Inspiring & uplifting storytelling from Britain’s own Springsteen! Packed full of songs to sing from the rooftops with all your mates after the best night of your life in the pub. This record could be your guide to life, love and everything this world could throw at you!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

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