Top Albums of 2014 – (20-1)

No music publication or radio station should ever tell you what you should and shouldn’t listen to – hell if you want to listen to Katy Perry go for it – that’s why at Anything Everything we leave our opinion out of our reviews and focus on creative ways to give you a picture of what the album sounds like and hopefully peak your interest enough for you to want to go and check it out and make up your own mind.

So without further delay this is our Top Albums of 2014, hope you discover something you go on and love as much as we have this year or just agree with albums we’ve got on our list and nod your heads in agreement.

20. King Buzzo – This Machine Kills Artists – The most power ever wielded from an acoustic guitar! Who said you needed amplification to play mind altering riffs!

19. Dowling Poole – Bleak Strategies – Wonderpop! Delightfully quirky! Like taking a sugar overdose and getting lost maze created by Lewis Carroll!

18. Struts – Everybody Wants – The Spirit of Freddie Mercury lives on! Grandiose, dramatic, soaring pop that lives perfectly in the moment!

17. Karma to Burn – Arch Stanton – Who needs vocals when the riffs are this good? Rock on brothers, riff after riff after motherf*#king riff!

16. Antemasque – Antemasque – Mars Volta does Rush playing a gig on the Los Angeles desert! This is a classic rock album for the modern era!

15. Ward Thomas – From Where We Stand – Perfect crossover blend of traditional country and big summer radio pop hits. One for a long sunshine drive!

14. Motorpsycho – Beyond The Sun – Sounds like Led Zeppelin on the most magnificent journey through space in their supercharged wonder ship

13. Mogwai – Rave Tapes – Spellbinding. Just Spellbinding. Get lost in the ever evolving world that is the mighty Mogwai!

12. Kongos – Lunatic – The best new band we’ve had in years – It sounds like drunk pirates lost on African shores having the best party ever!

11. The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits – It’s like Bruce Springsteen grew up in the dirty back streets of Brooklyn and set his guitar to funk.

10. Jessie Ware – Tough Love – Memorising, true late night headphone listening! Sink into her electro soul wonderland and enjoy the ride!

9. Floor – Oblation – They manage to make the thickest tar sludge sound monstrous & joyful at the same time! Masterfully done!

8. Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright in the End – It’s Weezer back on top form so you know what to do, drop the roof down, put your sunglasses on and turn it up as loud, drive fast, party hard!

7. Royal Blood – Royal Blood – White Stripes bastard child with Queens of the Stone Age comes to mind at once but this is an instantly British garage rock sounding record! Bass rumble – BOOM!

6. Hark – Crystalline – Bringing the hammer down better and harder than all the competition combined! These absolute monsters will pummel your ears into heaven!

5. Swans – To Be Kind – Sounds like a lost orchestra being led through the wilderness by their demented leader after a plane crash

4. Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde – The love of late 80’s, early 90’s hardcore is poured all over this explosion of a record! AAARRRRGHHHH!

3. Shit & Shine – Powder Horn – Noise rock legends take on the most warped desert disco you’ve ever been to in this wonderful curve ball. Did someone spike the punch?

2. Melvins – Hold It In – It doesn’t get much better than the chugging guitar abuse and hard hitting rhythms on display here. The grooviest metal band to every walk the planet in full swing!

1. Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways – Quite simply put my speakers just don’t go loud enough to enjoy the magic committed to tape on this record. These soaring journeys are some of the best rock not just that the Foos have produced, but period! It embraces a love of music that doesn’t fall into genres – that just embraces great music, wherever it comes from, whatever it sounds like and they’ve let that seep into the pores of this record and enhance that familiar Foos racket into something that sounds like you’ve known these songs your whole life. The term ‘instant classic that will stand the test of time’ has never been more appropriate.

sonic highways Enjoy my musical teapots!

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Top Albums of 2014 (40-21)

Welcome Back!

Since we transferred to Twitter only last year we’ve had some great success – over 50 retweets and favourites directly from the bands we have reviewed. And as promised when it came to our best albums of year list we would use this format to publish.

To start with we have five honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the top 40 but that we still urge you check out, then we have the countdown from 40 -21 with the top 20 coming out shortly after

Honourable Mentions – Death From Above 1979 – Physical Worlds / Philm – Fire From The Evening Sun / Travis Waltons – Your Neck Is Bleeding / Mogwai – Music Industry 3 Fitness Industry 1 EP/ Henry Blacker – Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings

40. Alcest – Shelter – Like a slow walk into the warm ocean. Let the waves of beautiful sound wash over you.

39. Boris – Noise – Take all alternative & heavy sub-genres smash them all together & serve with a pop like ear for melody! 

38. Run the Jewels – RTJ2 – The biggest beats, the biggest voice in Hip-Hop and more creativity & originality than the rest of the genre combined!

37. Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds – Thrash that goes beyond what thrash should be – Powerful riffs that come from other worlds

36. Mono – Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness – Beautiful and twinkling in the sky one minute, ripping your heart out the next!

35. George Ezra – Wanted On Voyage – Folk music’s new hero. Absolute anthems, instantly hummable and will happily buzz round your head forever

34. Helms Alee – Sleepwalking Sailors – If early Radiohead grew up in a sludgy Melvins world it would be as magnificently powerful as this!

33 . Red Kunz – Teeth, Hair & Skin – A wonderful mini collection of post hardcore smashes from members of two excellent bands Red Fang & The Ocean

32. Death Penalty – Death Penalty – Take the best bits of the best 80’s proper hard rock bands & front them with a female Robert Plant!!

31. Old Man Gloom – Ape of God I & II – Some of the best hardcore noise(I) & doom(II) you’ll hear this year! Into the red and then some!

30. Chuck Regan – Like Midnight – Like Bob Dylan/Springsteen ripping out his vocal chords to shout a resounding call to arms! 

29. Bob Mould – Beauty & Ruin – Huge sounding slices of classic alternative rock! Made to be played driving fast with the roof down!

28. Ginger Wildheart – Albion – Just marvel at this man’s ability to write the biggest hooks in rock! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

27. Crosses – +++ – Chino Moreno of Deftones new project sounds like a warped 80’s electro band gone off the rails in the most glorious way possible!!

26. Pixies – Indie Cindy – Exploding back on the scene with a stadium rock version of themselves! Raise your hands in the air, they are back!

25. Smashing Pumpkins – Monuments to an Elegy – Billy Corgan in perfect nuggets of alt.rock pop mode. Nods to the old and embracing the new!

24. Tetema – Geocidal – Rhythms sourced from round the world, noises from other planets, vocals that flutter round the brain, new horizons created!

23. Pink Floyd – Endless River – Calm & beautiful one minute, choppy and rocking the next! Sounds 100% classic Floyd! Spellbinding stuff!

22. Shellac – Dude Incredible – Steve Albini’s legendary band are back to show the rest how it’s done when it comes to post hardcore & glorious noise

21. John Garcia – John Garcia – Desert Rock Godfather does exactly what it says on the tin! This is John Garcia singing some catchy as hell rock’n’roll!

Enjoy my Musical Teapots

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Missed reviews & Twitter transfer

As you may not be aware this blog is going to be retired at the end of the year and transfer to Twitter, but we will be keeping the blog open for publication of our albums of the year lists. The decision behind this is that Twitter is a much better format for our one line style reviews. We’ve been operating on Twitter for 1 month now alongside this website and all we need now is to translate our readers here to followers on Twitter, see link below:-

With that in mind please see some of the album reviews we missed the month they come out that made the twitter site

Mainliner – Revelation Space – Fuzz Hendrix pummels you relentlessly with noise and psychedelic riffs until you don’t know which way is up!

Wildildlife – Details – Guns n My Bloody Valentine. The love child of those two would sound like this – glam sunset strip, shoegazing trips

British Sea Power – From the Sea… – Telling the story of a trip around the British coastline. Captures the sound of the old seaside town

Black Flag – What the… – A funkier, grown up take on their classic hardcore sound, just let down by Reyes lazy, too restrained vocals

Church of Void – Dead Rising – 100% doom metal worship but managing to refresh the sound to fit with modern times

Jean Jean – Symmetry – Schizophrenic post rock in the same ecstatic vain as ASIWYFA

Mutation – Error 500 – The glorious sound of falling down the stairs then happily running back up them to throw yourself back down!

Hey! Hello – Hey! Hello – Big fun noise rock guitar pop! What Weezer would sound like if they we born in CBGB’s

Enjoy my musical teapots & be sure to check out more review on Twitter

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Top Albums of 2013 (10-1)

So here we go, the ten best albums of 2013, make sure you get all of these into your life

10. Noah & The Whale – Heart of Nowhere – This could be the start of a new genre – stadium folk, Springsteen style

9. Pelican – Forever Becoming – Atmospheric, thumping, soaring, groovy, epics!

8. Arctic Monkeys – AM – Dark twists, turns, splashes of hard rock & dirty desert riffs

7. Melvins – Tres Cabrones – Chugging riffs & weird absurdities!

6. And So I Watch You From A Far – All Hail Bright Futures – An absolutely joyous burst of sound!

5. Sound City – Reel to Reel – An absolute instant rock classic. full of classic rock greats new and old

4. Queens of the Stone Age – …Like Clockwork – Like ‘ZZ Top’ on an glorious acid trip

3. Frank Turner – Tape Deck Heart – Frank Turner just  makes me smile! Simple as that

2. Palms – Palms – Shimmering post rock that is so gorgeously put together I want to cry

and at No.1 for 2013 – Jetplane Landing

1. Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try – This is what we said in July when it was released – “Post hardcore genius! I defy you not to jump around for the whole 35 minute frantic explosion of sound!” And this opinion hasn’t changed. They already had 3 great albums under their belt, but these release just floored us. Definitely their best album yet. There are 10 singles on ‘Don’t Try’, each one as catchy and ‘rock your socks’ as the last. ‘Beat Generation…Ha!’ has to take the crown for best song of the year as well, with a stop start riff that just makes me want to stage-dive off the highest building into a sea of my fellow brothers arms. It’s fair to say this hasn’t left my stereo much this year and is the cause of a speeding fine. Would I do it again? Too bloody right I would!

imagesEnjoy my musical teapots

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Top Albums of 2013 (20-11)

And the countdown continues:-

20. Amorphous Androgynous – Cartel vol 1&2 – Morricone inspired psychedelic brilliance

19. Grouplove – Spreading Rumours – Some of the catchiest indie pop you’ll hear this side of Daft Punk!

18. My Bloody Valentine– m b v – Tune in, Drop out!

17. Death Grips – Government Plates – Bass from the depths of hell and beats and glitches from another world!

16. Hey Colossus – Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo – A magnificent, powerful, sludge tour de force

15. Zolle – Zolle – Who needs chorus’ and verses when the riffs are this good!

14. The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer – Like ‘Faith No More’ on steroids.

13. Red Fang – Whales & Leeches – Sludge rock energy & power adding a dose pop sensibility

12. Biffy Clyro  – Opposites – 20 huge anthemic rock songs.

11. White Denim – Corsicana Lemonade – Blue collar country soul and funk

Top 10 countdown will be coming your way tomorrow

Enjoy my musical teapots

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Top albums of 2013 (30-21)

And so we come to my favourite time of year, top albums of the year lists. I’ve already done my fair share of shouting at magazine/web pages – ‘how did they end up there’ & ‘you’ve put them at number 1′. I’ve also done my fair share of nodding my head in agreement at some lists. So now it’s time to do ours and I expect exactly the same reaction to my list. Some will love it, some will hate it and hopefully most of you will go out and discover for yourself anything you haven’t heard of or checked out this year. And so we start with No. 30 and our quick snapshot reminders of what we thought of them.

30. The Ocean – Pelagial – Instantly accessible, vastly epic, progressive metal.

29. Pure Love – Anthems – As if Bruce Springsteen found the fountain of youth.

28. Shining – One One One – Avant jazz band exploration into all things extreme.

27. Listener – Time is a Machine – Heart gets poured over every inch of this record

26. Hebronix – Unreal – Pastoral, countrified lush indie rock.

25. Tomahawk – Oddfellows – Angular riffs, ‘Faith No More’ funk and a sprinkle of sludge.

24. Arabrot – Arabrot – Sludge punk energy with Nordic black metal twist.

23. Mogwai – Les Revenants – At their most delicate & beautiful they’ve ever been.

22. Surfer Blood – Pythons – Laid back, wonder pop melodies with spiky guitars.

21. Yuck – Glow & Behold – 90’s indie guitar bands rejoice!

20 – 11 coming to you tomorrow

Enjoy my musical teapots

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Top 10 Albums of November 2013

It’s been a slow month as Christmas nears. Typically the months of November and December garner less releases than other months. So what albums did come out this month that we loved? There are still some absolute crackers

  1. Melvins – Tres Cabrones – Rocking our socks off with chugging riffs then playing with us weird absurdities! Truly wonderful as always!

  2. Death Grips – Government Plates – No one on the planet sounds like this. Bass from the depths of hell and beats and glitches from another world!

  3. Caspian – Hymn for the Greatest Generation – Never been a fan of the first 3 albums but they have stuck gold with this EP – Melt into twinkling sounds of a still night & clear sky surrounded by your best friends

  4. Wooden Shjips – Back To Land – It’s as if the Velvet Underground got brought up in Sunny California playing blissed out tunes on the beach

  5. Los Campesinos – No Blues – Back  to their best! A youthful explosion of intelligent post punk noise pop. Richly & beautifully layered, get lost in their universe of sound.

  6. Mamiffer & Circle – Enharmonic Intervals – Blissed out, organ led dronescapes. Sounds like the fog lifting on a glorious frozen winters morning

  7. Young Knives – Sick Octave – Otherworldly post punk ramblings that’s got caught up in eerily dark travelling circus’ roundabout.

  8. Blood Orange – Cupid Deluxe – Funky slow jams dipped in a effortless cool 80’s vibe. A modern day Prince

  9. The Sounds – Weekend – The Swedes know there way around a synth and a hooky punk riff drenched in catchy 80’s sensibilities.

  10. Fierce & The Dead – Spooky Action – Prog rock joining forces with hardcore punk accompanied by an indie band lead guitarist.

The only honourable mention this month goes to Billie Joe + Norah Jones covers of The Everly Brothers called Foreverly. A great little nostalgic trip down classic Americana

71AVisPdtFL._SL1200_Enjoy my musical teapots

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