Top 10 Albums of 2015

So here we are the end of 2015 and we’ve had some wonderful records this year – we’ve been at bit cheeky as well as we actually have 11 records in our 10 top as we just couldn’t have one record miss out on the top 10.

Check it out, hope you enjoy – let’s start with our joint 10th place record

10= Wombats – Glitterbug – A huge slice of 80’s synth happy indie pop! These hits will bounce around your disco ball head all summer long!

10= ASIWYFA – Heirs – It’s like surfing a rainbow on LSD on the best power pop post rock surf board ever carved into existence!

9. Envy – Atheist’s Cornea – The only band that you can describe as beautiful and brutally damaged in the same breath are at it again!

8. Gaz Coombes – Matador – If Supergrass gorged themselves on Radiohead then time travelled back to the 16th Century!

7. Refused – Freedom – Makes me wanna dance, rebel & smash things! It’s full of energy, fun & powerful as lightning! 

6. Bop English – Constant Bop – Buckets of soul with an old school rhythm and blues feel to it played in a New Orleans speak-easy!

5. Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear – Skeleton Crew – A front porch, deep soul food of a record. Get lost in it’s strummed & finger-picked beauty. And that voice!

4. Baroness – Purple – Thin Lizzy on a mixed up diet of Rush, Pink Floyd & southern infused sludge. Both beautiful and devastating!

3. Best Coast – California Nights – If the Pixies only played loud on the beach in LA fronted by Jenny Lewis it would sound as awesome as this!

2. Kylesa – Exhausted Fire – Woozy, hazy sludge rock masterpieces that truly bring the fire! Hands down their best album yet!

1 . Frank Turner – Positive Songs For Negative People – Inspiring & uplifting storytelling from Britain’s own Springsteen! Packed full of songs to sing from the rooftops with all your mates after the best night of your life in the pub. This record could be your guide to life, love and everything this world could throw at you!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

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Top Albums of 2015 (20-11)

The top 10 will be released this weekend but first these beauts!

20. Benjamin Clementine – At Least For Now – Vaudeville magician plying his magic through ivory and vocal athletics! Dramatic, theatrical, powerful!

19. Dinosaur Pile Up – Eleven Eleven – Sounds like Weezer on Nirvana steroids! Downtuned, ferocious guitars that are catchy as hell

18. Slaves – Are You Satisfied? – A breath of fresh, ferocious air into punk rock’s veins. Riffs worthy of Josh Homme, Alex Turner & Steve Jones!

17. Idlewild – Everything Ever Written – Gently sailing on the sea of killer tunes with the occasional crash of waves hitting the British coast!

16. Hey Colossus – In Black & Gold / Radio Static High – Travel through time & space on the most glorious trip of your life with the captain careening off course / Hypnotic head melting trip of a record! Finds its groove and keeps it in its iron like grasp for the duration

15. Mutoid Man – Bleeder – Step aside Cave In, this is some of the best hardcore punk song writing to ever make your ears bleed!!

14. Dead Weather – Dodge & Burn – Razor sharp garage rock fuzz that is born in the swamp! This kicks you hard Deep South!

13. Sam Duckworth – Amazing Grace – As if John Martyn relocated to the south coast of Spain to play his troubles away by the beach!

12. Adventures – Supersonic Home – Like a female fronted Hundred Reasons playing Foo Fighters There’s nothing left to lose!

11. Torche – Restarter – Sounds like the band surfing down the side of an erupting volcano & crashing into J Mascis at the bottom!!

Enjoy my Musical Teapots!

Top Albums of 2015 (30-21)

We’re getting on to the good stuff now!

30. Lieutenant – If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For A Week – Beautiful & delicately balanced record full of whisky drinking in front of the fire alt.rock & folk

29. Ghost – Meliora – As if Metallica slowed down and jammed with Thin Lizzy in a cathedral produced by Mike Oldfield

28. Enemy – It’s Automatic – The boys doing what they do best – Anthemic, uplifting indie rock n roll!

27. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet & Other Distress – The sound of a madman slowly falling apart in a sensory deprivation tank!

26. Ohhms – Cold – If Pelican stretched out Big Business it would sound like this post sludge epics!

25. Laura Marling – Short Movie – Feels like Rilo Kiley covering Patti Smith’s Horses whilst under the influence of Nick Drake’s spirit!

24. Inventions – Maze Of Woods – The sound of a busy airport played out through an out of focus camera lens, slowed down beautifully!!

23. The Answer – Raise A Little Hell – The most sunset strip, hard rock they’ve ever sounded. It’s as if Slash produced the whole damn thing.

22. Barenaked Ladies – Silverball – This bounces along just right, soundtracking a summer on the beach. Turning back the clocks with classic sounding 90’s college rock.

21. Surfer Blood – 1000 Palms – Like coming up for air after a underwater swim on a blisteringly warm summers day. Has a 60’s psych pop feel to it.

Enjoy my musical teapots

Top Albums of 2015 (40-31)

The countdown continues…..

40. Editors– In Dream – Bigger & lusher arrangements make for their most powerful & emotive release to date!

39. Chvrches – Every Open Eye – Bigger, better & building on everything great in there first album! Huge floor-filling synth pop!

38. Le Butcherettes – A Raw Youth – Garage punk that’s high wandering the desert hallucinating a ferocious female lead singer.

37. Faith No More – Sol Invictus – A brawl in a mixed up western saloon – full of the punky, grungy energy of some 20 somethings in 80’s LA

36. Zu – Cortar Todo – It’s like The Melvins being beaten to death by a maniacal John Zorn robot! Wonderfully messed up!

35. Goatsnake – Black Age Blues – Never a more appropriate album title! It’s like all the early blues masters got together to play some doom!

34. High On Fire – Luminiferous – High On Fire have created a genre all of their own – this is sludge thrash of the highest order!

33. Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death – Take the best of classic Slayer, the melody of Carcass’ Heartwork then slather in a thick layer of crust.

32. Shining – International Blackjazz Society – Like Rammstein playing thrash metal with a maniacal saxophonist!

31. Killing Joke – Pylon – Apocalyptic post punk hammer blows to the stomach! This one finds a killer groove and just doesn’t let go!

Enjoy my musical teapots!

Top Albums of 2015 (50-41)

After another great year on Twitter with more retweets, post reads and interactions with the bands themselves than ever we’ve decided to go for a top 50 albums to celebrate a successful year.

Today we start with 50 – 41

50. Tau Cross – Tau Cross – Explodes out of your speakers like classic sounding bay area crossover thrash! Doesn’t miss a beat for the duration

49. Ufomammut – Ecate – What I imagine being sucked into a black hole would sound like whilst on the best trip of your life. Epically Heavy!

48. Shit & Shine – 54 Synth Bass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral & Everybody’s a Fucking Expert – More warped desert disco as if produced by Neu! from the former noisemongers/Like a mad scientist experimenting with the boundaries of deconstructed dance music

47. Liturgy – The Ark Work – A brass band death procession marching on up to the gates of heaven and taking no prisoners on the way!

46. Moon Duo – Shadows of the Sun – Jim Morrison fronting Queens of the Stone Age being produced by Berlin era David Bowie at the ranch!

45. Public Enemy – Man Plans God Laughs – Short, sharp & on point! Sounds fresh and classic in the same breath. Brilliant!

44. Eagles of Death Metal – Zipper Down – Sexy, groovy & downright funky, this bounces along with Ramones rock and roll high school energy!

43. Kowloon Walled City – Grievances – Monster crushing footsteps through the rubble! Post sludge and so much more on this richly layered record.

42. The Weeknd – Beauty Behind the Madness – A modern era Michael Jackson skewing everything you know about hard hitting pop & dark, dirty R&B.

41. Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin – It’s like Mogwai found the silkiest storyteller to riff over their landscapes of sound, quite beautiful really!

Enjoy my Musical Teapots


Best EP’s of the year

Another calendar year flys by, which can only mean one thing – best of lists – I’m eagerly waiting my favourite mags, blogs, websites best of lists so I can nod and agree and shout at the screen. We are just finishing compiling our top 50 albums of the year – but with a couple of album releases we are excited about still to come this means you’ll have to wait a bit longer for our list this year.

So how to fill the gap until them – Our favourite EP’s of the year of course.

Contact – First Contact – Sounding like an 80’s video game spaceship journey through time!

Bug Vs Earth – Boa/Cold – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly lost in a galactic sea of debris and blistering heat!

Grant Nicholas – Black Clouds – Feeder frontman produces a beautiful mini album of broken ballads and modern times Dylanisms

Bl’ast – For Those Who Graced The Fire – Powerful gut punch riff based hardcore punk! Classic band, modern sound, perfect result!

Fierce & The Dead – Magnet – Prog rock wizardly in a short concise punk rock format!

Mono/ The Ocean – Transcendental – Post rock/metal skyward looking soaring feeling epics – as if you are flying amongst the clouds

Inventions – Blanket Waves – Like drifting through an airport standing still whilst the world rushes around you

Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia – Raw, pure, classic rock n roll! A sense of urgency and glorious celebration! And there is one track to make you just melt!

Enjoy my musical teapots

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Top Albums of 2014 – (20-1)

No music publication or radio station should ever tell you what you should and shouldn’t listen to – hell if you want to listen to Katy Perry go for it – that’s why at Anything Everything we leave our opinion out of our reviews and focus on creative ways to give you a picture of what the album sounds like and hopefully peak your interest enough for you to want to go and check it out and make up your own mind.

So without further delay this is our Top Albums of 2014, hope you discover something you go on and love as much as we have this year or just agree with albums we’ve got on our list and nod your heads in agreement.

20. King Buzzo – This Machine Kills Artists – The most power ever wielded from an acoustic guitar! Who said you needed amplification to play mind altering riffs!

19. Dowling Poole – Bleak Strategies – Wonderpop! Delightfully quirky! Like taking a sugar overdose and getting lost maze created by Lewis Carroll!

18. Struts – Everybody Wants – The Spirit of Freddie Mercury lives on! Grandiose, dramatic, soaring pop that lives perfectly in the moment!

17. Karma to Burn – Arch Stanton – Who needs vocals when the riffs are this good? Rock on brothers, riff after riff after motherf*#king riff!

16. Antemasque – Antemasque – Mars Volta does Rush playing a gig on the Los Angeles desert! This is a classic rock album for the modern era!

15. Ward Thomas – From Where We Stand – Perfect crossover blend of traditional country and big summer radio pop hits. One for a long sunshine drive!

14. Motorpsycho – Beyond The Sun – Sounds like Led Zeppelin on the most magnificent journey through space in their supercharged wonder ship

13. Mogwai – Rave Tapes – Spellbinding. Just Spellbinding. Get lost in the ever evolving world that is the mighty Mogwai!

12. Kongos – Lunatic – The best new band we’ve had in years – It sounds like drunk pirates lost on African shores having the best party ever!

11. The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits – It’s like Bruce Springsteen grew up in the dirty back streets of Brooklyn and set his guitar to funk.

10. Jessie Ware – Tough Love – Memorising, true late night headphone listening! Sink into her electro soul wonderland and enjoy the ride!

9. Floor – Oblation – They manage to make the thickest tar sludge sound monstrous & joyful at the same time! Masterfully done!

8. Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright in the End – It’s Weezer back on top form so you know what to do, drop the roof down, put your sunglasses on and turn it up as loud, drive fast, party hard!

7. Royal Blood – Royal Blood – White Stripes bastard child with Queens of the Stone Age comes to mind at once but this is an instantly British garage rock sounding record! Bass rumble – BOOM!

6. Hark – Crystalline – Bringing the hammer down better and harder than all the competition combined! These absolute monsters will pummel your ears into heaven!

5. Swans – To Be Kind – Sounds like a lost orchestra being led through the wilderness by their demented leader after a plane crash

4. Mongol Horde – Mongol Horde – The love of late 80’s, early 90’s hardcore is poured all over this explosion of a record! AAARRRRGHHHH!

3. Shit & Shine – Powder Horn – Noise rock legends take on the most warped desert disco you’ve ever been to in this wonderful curve ball. Did someone spike the punch?

2. Melvins – Hold It In – It doesn’t get much better than the chugging guitar abuse and hard hitting rhythms on display here. The grooviest metal band to every walk the planet in full swing!

1. Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways – Quite simply put my speakers just don’t go loud enough to enjoy the magic committed to tape on this record. These soaring journeys are some of the best rock not just that the Foos have produced, but period! It embraces a love of music that doesn’t fall into genres – that just embraces great music, wherever it comes from, whatever it sounds like and they’ve let that seep into the pores of this record and enhance that familiar Foos racket into something that sounds like you’ve known these songs your whole life. The term ‘instant classic that will stand the test of time’ has never been more appropriate.

sonic highways Enjoy my musical teapots!

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